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Peninsula European Car Service, LLC is an independent automotive repair and service facility serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We are conveniently located in San Mateo, easily accessible from Highways 101, 280, and 92.  We specialize in complete auto repair including diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance. 

Specializing in: Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Land Rover & Range Rover

  • Auto Repair & Maintenance
  • Oil Changes (i.e. required amount of oil; New oil filter; All fluid levels checked, and Inspection of belts, hoses, and air cleaner)
  • Tune-ups 
  • Engine Diagnostics (i.e. diagnosing engine management system; computerized engine controls testing for accuracy and other drive train and body systems)
  • Climate Control & Air Conditioning (i.e. Inspecting performance; Checking for leaks; Recovering contained refrigerants; Recycling refrigerants; Restoring the system and installing the dye; Pressure-testing the system, and verifying correct operation)
  • Brakes (i.e. Replacing worn pads and linings; Adjusting and bleeding the system)
  • Tyres (i.e. Inspecting for tread depth, age, cracking, and DOT stamp dates)

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Robbie Allen (Owner) is an automotive technician and more importantly - an enthusiast of cars with over 25 years of “hands on” experience. Robbie brings a wealth of experience to Peninsula European having worked as a technician for Marin Luxury Cars, O’Gara Coach in Beverly Hills, and Los Gatos Luxury Cars.  Robbie always had his sights on opening a dealer-alternative for luxury cars owners. Robbie is proud to take over Peninsula German Car Service, and expand service to most European vehicles.

Robbie has been around a shop his entire life.  His father, Clive Allen was a Jaguar mechanic in the 1970’s and 80's in England, so Robbie spent many days as a child watching and observing his dad.  With his father’s help, he became an apprentice at age 15 at the Warfield Garage in England, while he attended technical school to become a mechanic. Once graduated he worked at Nick Kerner 4 Wheel Drive as a mechanic.  He learned Range Rover and Land Rover inside and out. In the early 2000’s, Robbie had the opportunity to come to the USA to work. After a brief stint at an independent British shop in Marin, he began working at Marin Luxury Cars. He continued his work with Jaguar and Range Rover, Land Rover, and was given an opportunity to go to school for Aston Martin in Gaydon, England. This was Robbie’s dream come true.  He has always said, “If you told me as a young boy that I would live in California and work on Aston Martins, I wouldn’t have believed you, but here I am”. Robbie exceled with Aston Martin and eventually moved to O’Gara Coach in Beverly Hills. Robbie credits his vast knowledge of Aston Martin to the sheer volume of cars that Beverly Hills sees in a day.  While in Beverly Hills, he was chosen as one of five technicians in the Americas to participate in the highly regarded 2012 Aston Martin Tech Challenge.  Robbie was also able to get his head under the hood of a Lamborghini and fell in love with the product. Once Robbie had enough of LA traffic, he moved back to the Bay Area and worked in Los Gatos, primarily working with Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Once again in 2014, Aston Martin nominated him to participate in the annual Tech Challenge.

Robbie is ASE Master-certified, Land Rover Bronze-certified, and is a Master technician for Aston Martin.  He has been enrolled in the following certification classes:  

  • Aston Martin Training - New Vanquish Intro Training, Irvine, CA  - January 2013 
  • Aston Martin - One of 5 Techs in the Americas to compete in 2012 Tech challenge, Irvine, CA – October 2012
  • Aston Martin DB series 6.0 V12 and V8 Vantage 4.3 and 4.7 V8 Engines Engine Rebuild Training, Irvine, CA – September 2012
  • Lamborghini  - Aventador LP-700 Training, Boston, MA  - November 2012 
  • Lamborghini  - Gallardo LP 550/570 Training, Boston, MA  - November 2012 
  • Aston Martin Training - V12 Vantage, Irvine, CA - September 2010
  • Aston Martin Training - Rapide, Irvine, CA - April 2010
  • Aston Martin Training - Advanced AMDS, Chicago, IL - March 2009
  • Aston Martin Training - DBS, Gaydon, England - April 2008
  • Aston Martin Training - AMDS/Sport Shift & Roadster, Chicago, IL - June 2007
  • Aston Martin Training - V8 DB9 Introduction, Chicago, IL - June 2007

Robbie is committed to bringing high quality and honest service to the luxury car owner that desires a dealer-alternative for auto repair and maintenance.


Aston Martin Updates

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Ran into an old friend...a 2005 AM Vanquish S


Used "Take-off" V12 Vantage S Exhaust Muffler. $1,500.00 Installed. (Only compatible with 7-speed transmission)

2nd Generation Vanquish Exhaust Muffler - will fit DB9 2005 to Current. $1,500.00 Installed

QuickSilver DB9 Muffler. $1,500.00 Installed

Used Clear Taillight Kits V8 Vantage (not including 3rd brake light), DB9, & DBS. $950 Installed

DB9 Secondary CAT straight pipe kit (deletion kit). $900.00 Installed

Aston Martin Glass Keys Case. $350 + tax

Upper IP and Cluster Hood covered in upgraded dark alcantara.  $1,800 Installed (B & O option available)















Land Rover Updates

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Sympton-driven diagnostic system (SDD) for all Land Rovers 2005 onwards.

*Vehicle diagnostic scan & report: $135.00

*Call or email for any questions!

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